Thursday, September 12, 2013

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This video i show you how to get your friends' passwords

for anything such as facebook, myspace, youtube,

runescape, twitter, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, world of

warcraft, and litterally, everything else. You could even

get your friends' PlayStation network, or xbox live


All you have to do is run the program that i showed you,

then have them log in on your computer. voila! that's it,

you now have their username and password to anything

they logged into, weither it was on firefox, internet

explorer, or a program such as outlook or a game.

The system is proven to work and checked daily.

-Once downloaded, simply run extract the files and run

the installer.
-The installation wizard will guide you through all

necessary steps.

Please do not abuse this service, it is made for user

enjoyment not for any negative reasons.

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Notable changes in Version 1.13
•Slightly changed threading for faster generation.
•Interface updated.
•Some cleaning up of dead code.
•Pesky Runtime Scriptor bug fixed.
•Minor bug patches
•Lower CPU usage
•New feature predicts the chances of a working code.
•All around sleek and sexy!

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