Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tomb Raider 2013 - Crack - Working New Update 2013 August

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Tomb Raider 2013 - Crack - Working

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Some info about the game

The central character in Tomb Raider is the British archaeologist Lara Croft, a female adventurer in search of ancient relics. Lara was created by one-time Core designer Toby Gard, with her character and backstory fleshed out by writer Vicky Arnold. She appears almost invariably with brown shorts, boots and small backpack, a dark green or blue sleeveless top, holsters on both sides of her hip for dual wielded pistols. Over the course of the series, her 3D model has undergone gradual graphical improvements, as well as enlarged (and later reduced) breast size.

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Tomb Raider 2013 - Crack - Working

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