Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Device|Download Nikola Tesla Secret Pdf|Tesla Generator Home Made Energy

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Nikola Tesla FREE energy device is now publicly available! What government was trying to suppress for years has now leaked and is being used by people all around the world. You wont need to pay for your power bills any more, period. This home made energy device can generate FREE energy at ANY place and from ANY location. Learn AMAZING secrets of Free green energy available in nature.

Of all the great inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla, nothing stood out with greater potential benefit to the whole of humanity than his discovery of Radiant Energy in 1889. The series of observations that led to the discovery of Radiant energy initially grew out of experiments that Tesla had conducted in an attempt to duplicate the results that Heinrich Hertz had claimed to achieve in affirming the existence of electromagnetic waves.. While replicating Hertzs experiments, Tesla experimented with violently abrupt DC electrical discharges and discovered a new force in the process. Only after conducting exhaustive experimental trials for the next three years, did Tesla announce this stupendous discovery in a paper published in December, 1892, entitled The Dissipation of Electricity.
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