Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[FREE PDF] The Fullness of Time by Keith Skipper

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The Fullness of Time by Keith Skipper

Book Description
Publication Date: August 6, 2013
A nuclear attack from al-Qaeda was once thought to be beyond the capabilities of terrorists such as those connected to Osama bin Laden... ""Maalik was thirty minutes behind schedule. Not making his appointment was not an option. The plan involved a four block walk to the public parking garage, acquiring the delivery van that held the bomb, transporting it deep into Manhattan, and parking outside the appropriate location. Still a mile from his targeted location, he fully expected that time would permit him to depart the city and reach safety; but a secondary switch engaged and an instantaneous flash erased all thoughts and plans. His mind would remember nothing further."" Cameron Branson had invested his life in the ongoing process of protecting his country from evil. He had lost track of every important relationship he had ever known as responsibility pushed him ever farther away. As the head of the Defensive Technologies Department for WorldLink Communications, the search for those culpable for the nuclear attacks would become a mind-game of chasing a soulless monster which knew no boundaries. This race would take his mind further into the darkness than he had ever gone. Failure would not be an option. Staying one step ahead of the opponent was. Face after face, name after name. Each piece of the puzzle would come agonizingly slowly and exact a heavy price. His country depended on his resolve and expertise, and yet they didn't even know he existed.

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  1. This book takes a look at what would become of America should terrorists enact a truly devastating blow. Person pitted against person, neighbor against neighbor. How long would we last before we turned on each other?