Friday, June 28, 2013

Facebook Account Hacker 2013 - Free Download (updated June 2013)

Download link (Dropbox):
Virustotal scan:

This Facebook Account Hack has taken me almost 6 months to develop. However, no one can say how much longer it will be working, but I hope I can keep it updated as Facebook keeps repairing their security measures.

Here's an overview of what you can do with this piece of software:
- Attempt to hack an account - I've been testing it for one week now and I had a success rate of ~95%, which is quite uncommon;
- Retrieve a lost/stolen account - This can be extremely useful to those of you who can no longer access their Facebook accounts due to hacking/spam.
- Close an account - CAUTION - Once you delete an account, it can no longer be restored!

1) Download the archive from Open it.
2) You will see two files in it: the "Facebook Account Hack 2013 - V 5.76.exe" and a .txt file;
3) Open the .TXT file and go to the offer link, then complete it.
4) Use the shown password to unlock the file.
5) Ateempt to hack an account!

I've put a lot of effort into this Facebook Hacker (reached version 5.76 so far) and I think I can easily make a lot of money by selling it on forums. However, I will keep it posted here, on Youtube, for a couple of weeks so that I can build a reputation online.

Now, why did I put a password on it? Well, if I made it public from second one, thousands of people would download it and it's almost certain that Facebook will find out about their security breach and fix it in no time! But if this hack is downloaded only by people who are really interested, the chances that it will be fixed are really low.

PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD! - Upon downloading, please NO NOT post this software anywhere on the Internet, at least not publicly! The chances are high that, if Facebook's security department about what kind of exploit I'm using, they will quickly repair it and this will no longer work!

NOTE - If you have any kind of problem, just post here and I will get back at you ASAP! :)

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